Just top junior high school of wang recently sold up Jordan shoes in his class."I met a few friends, there is supply channels, and many students who like Joe Dan shoes in the class, so I think so can earn some pocket money."Wang said his sell shoes are real or fake, revealed only a pair of shoes he can earn up to $700."I know some of the same on a professional BBS fan Jordan shoes, they are energetic, is often the early hours of Wholesale Jordans Saturday morning will go to the store to open the door, then, according to the several pairs of shoes on weibo, make a difference."Jordan shoes, fan li think high school students spend so much energy to line up to hundred yuan pocket money, is also very hard, some high school students money together so hard is to buy yourself a pair of Jordan basketball shoes, need not spend their parents' money.But some high school students lack of social experience, consciously or unconsciously is some selling fake shoes "accomplice", the present situation is worrying.High school students use of trust between the classmate to sell shoes, more interests are shoes dealers earn.
Have new at university, in order to more cost of living, before also sell Jordan shoes by micro letter.New, said he sold shoes is a specialized wholesale channels."These shoes are Jordan factory processing, to do the leftover material made up of the Wholesale Jordans original Wholesale Jordans, to make a pair of shoes. In fact in we act as purchasing agency industry, we call it the original shoes. This shoes but the price will be lower, so more and more people to buy."Around the new also revealed that there are some act as purchasing agency with learning, with many customers of the psychology of "high price shoes is really, the cuttings" shoe "or even downright false shoes to sell and true about price, lied to a lot of people.
"Basic Cheap Jordans training does not need to wear Jordan shoes"
Overseas Chinese middle school PE teacher miss wu said, the high school students play basketball level at the beginning of the training is still in the primary stage, the stage of sports equipment and sports equipment without special requirements, the strength of the common equipment is enough to cover movement, does not affect game play.General sports such as basketball shoes for ankle joint has protective, basic training stage there is no need to buy the high price of basketball shoes."Now some students love to play basketball is not only want to fitness, or think about basketball and basketball related equipment to increase the degree of their trendy, form the idol effect between classmates, such behavior is not an option", Mr Wu expressed concern at the beginning of the high school students wear Jordan shoes, "Wholesale Jordans popular easily form peer".
A pair of basketball shoes why 23000 yuan?
Reporters learned a layup shoe market prices, found that the price of homebred brand basketball shoes in the store usually is controlled in 300 yuan, two hundred yuan can buy electric business channels.Nike or adidas brand stores sell 600 yuan, electricity price in 400 yuan.But the cheapest a Jordan shoes in the website will be 1200 yuan.
Reporter learned that, 1998 years or so, Jordan shoes early release, a pair of shoes store price is 1249 yuan - 1249 yuan, usually come in 3 months after the play 8 fold, the time will be 5 discount of the lunar New Year.Later, Jordan, Michael Wholesale Jordans official takes high-end course.At the end of 2011, prices began to hype by the market, by the end of 2012, domestic prices, local surpassed the United States, the new online booking before officially listed price usually can reach more than 3000 yuan.Relatively popular at present, the market is the main aj6 and aj11 generation of red and black http://www.ncv4recovery.org/default.htm color, understands from electric dealers, six generations of red and black color matching pair of shoes now costs 2499 yuan - 2499 yuan.
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